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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Oppo F1 User Manual

Oppo F1 User Manual
Oppo F1 plus

If you wish to get smart phone with cheap price, but complete feature then you can consider Oppo F1. This smart phone is suitable for all purposes whether you would like to work and for fun only. It has quick data with 3GB RAM where you can store and open gallery quickly. Furthermore, you are who have photography hobby will like this smart phone since it has high resolution for the camera. Of course, you can make photo with front camera. For editing, you can take camera with beautify effect. Really, this smart phone is suitable for socialite. The camera has face detection and able to record video up to 1080p. If you like panorama feature, this smart phone is suitable for you. For the sound, you can activate the vibration if you are in the meeting. You can use loudspeaker and even plug earphone with 3.5mm jack.

Oppo F1 Selfie Expert
The size of this smart phone is handy. It is only 134g which can be carried on easily. If you have several numbers where one is for accessing data and another is for calling, then you can count on this phone since it has dual Sims. With display 5inches, this smart phone is suitable if you would like to make a presentation since the LCD screen is rich with 16M color. Surely, you still need to get screen guard for your LCD to make the smart phone is durable for long purpose. If you like, you cab use external memory card to add the capacity of your file. It can store up to 128 GB. Find out Oppo F1 User Manual and review.

Oppo F1 Dimensions
If you like to activate wifi, you can use in the public area with direct hotspot. Transferring pictures are easy with Bluetooth v4.0, A2DP. Activate compass feature if you lost in the jungle. It can give accelerometer sensors where it completes with proximity. If you like reading text, take document viewer. Don't worry for the battery is long use since it is only charging for several minutes only. For photo viewers and editor then you can make it easier with this feature. No need to hire an editor since you can correct the weaknesses from your fingertips when using photo editor. For those who like to capture property photo, this smart phone is recommended since it has Google longitude and latitude. It gives precise location where you can find the location without hiring guide anymore.

Specification Oppo F1 plus

8 Megapixel Front Camera
Let Your Selfie be Clearer
The OPPO F1 houses an 8-megapixel front facing camera with a wide f/2.0 aperture lens and a sensor size of ¼ inches. This allows for morelight to enter the camera so you can take a clear selfie even in less ideal lighting conditions.

Beautify 3.0
Be Stunning All the Time
Use the Beautify 3.0 feature to your advantage and enhance your look for an always perfect selfie experience. It brightens  your skin and seamlessly removes blemishes, so you can always look your best. You can also choose from three  different beautification modes or apply one of the many available filters. No matter where you are, snapping a great  looking photo will be easy and quick.

Screen Flash
Perfect Selfies Even in Low Light
To make snapping selfies in low-light conditions an even better experience, you can turn the patented Screen Flash feature on. It converts the F1’s entire display into a camera flash, with a carefully adjusted brightness level optimized for natural-looking shots. So your face will always come through bright, clear and natural.

2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 Protected Display
Free-flowing Colors, Joy in Movement
With its 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 protected display, the OPPO F1 is extra scratch-resistant. Meanwhile, the unique curves add balance, charm and elegance to the metallic surface, while the vibrant 5.0-inch 2.5D arc  edge screen makes the phone as much a pleasure to hold as it is to look at.

Qualcomm Snapdragon
Octa-core Processor
Powerful Inside The Qualcomm Snapdragon Octa-core 64-bit processor and 3GB of RAM makes this device fly when it comes to multitasking and daily usage.

Micro-arc Frame
Feels Just Right
The F1 boasts a streamlined micro-arc edge that encircles the phone in a flowing, continuous band. The rounded edges in its design convey a sense of ease that makes for a premium handling experience.

Light Band Edge Design
Flowing lines
Delicately employing the artistic style of "lineism", the OPPO F1 boasts two flowing, continuous light band
edges. The 60-degree angle of these edges is the result of precise calculations and numerous rounds of testing, all to give the phone the most comfortable hand feel possible. The light band edges also create a slimming effect, and invite light and shadow to play on the F1’s graceful curves.

All New ColorOS 2.1 Based on Android 5.1
Faster, Steadier, Better
Based on Android 5.1, ColorOS 2.1 is seamlessly responsive, providing a smooth  and steady performance, and offering more memory and power to users.


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