Revamped Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Goes

Revamped Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Goes

Revamped Nokia 3310 mobile phone goes on sale in the UK Nokia 3310 Fans of the original will be pleased to know the new version.

Revamped Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Goes
The device first arrived here in 2000 and discontinued five years later, the Nokia 3310 is famous for its long-lasting and durable battery, and it is an identical feature of the popular Nokia 3310 Snake game and its classic but strange game as well.

The up to date version has a battery that lasts a month on standby mode - described as the quantity of time a fully-charged telephone can be left on waiting for a name or text message - compared to round 11 days in the original.

It also provides contemporary upgrades such as a 2 megapixel camera and micro SD card slot to help storage, of course this is very different from the original Nokia 3310 version.

When the new mannequin used to be first unveiled in February, HMD Global, which owns the Nokia brand, stated it would be aimed at these searching for a second or so-called “burner” cellphone to make calls and send texts.
It presents 2.5G connectivity, meaning the consumer can solely get basic internet on the handset, and there is no Wi-Fi.
The phone Nokia 3310 comes in quite a few colors including purple and yellow and additionally boasts a colour display screen – inclusive of an updated colour version of the much-loved classic Snake game.

Nokia once dominated the cellular smartphone market however was overtaken by using Apple.

Revamped Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone Goes

In 2014, Nokia offered its in poor health handset operations to Microsoft (Euronext: MSF.NX - news) for $7bn.

HMD, a new enterprise led by means of ex-Nokia executives and backed by Chinese electronics massive Foxconn, took over the Nokia function telephones business in December.