How to Maintain and Maintain Apple's iPhone Battery

How to Maintain and Maintain Apple's iPhone Battery

How to Maintain and Maintain Apple's iPhone Battery In order Not to Fast Damaged and Durable.
Still about the iPhone. Smartphone this one is being trending among the people around the world because the iPhone is known as a brand and design that is luxurious, premium, elegant and simple, including the size of the right fit and not too big and not too small. The iDevice device is also known for its toughness even though the iPhone has only a 1 GB Ram but with a best processor it can surpass the speed of Android with 3GB of ram. Among the advantages of the iPhone also has shortcomings especially the battery power of the iPhone quickly run out.

iPhone battery

Indeed, the iPhone battery has a power that is not too large eg with almost the same price iPhone 7 has a 1960 mAh battery while the Samsung S7 has 3600 mAh battery. with mAh only half of the iPhone feels really wasteful. How many times have you charged the iPhone? for the old users must answer more than 2 times for normal use only. But not forever iPhone batteries wasteful. this is also influenced from the use of the iPhone itself. Because the manufacturer specification is not it.

There are some tips on caring for and maintaining the iPhone battery remains in good health.
Do not leave the iPhone battery running low
For those of you iPhone users must know itself if the iPhone to run out of battery. To restart it takes a long time even for new users not infrequently they think that the iPhone is damaged or dead. Actually it's fair, in a 0 percent condition of the iPhone to charge up to 5-10 percent power first can not be turned back. But draining the battery up to 0 percent is strongly discouraged as it may damage the battery.
Do not charge the iPhone until it's too fullCharge the iPhone left to sleep, this error is usually done everybody. Too full is strongly discouraged. Because the iPhone does not have a stop charging feature where when the battery is 100 percent but still connected to the charger, the power will continue to fill until the  battery will be hot. This kind of continuous use can cause the battery to quickly drop and can bloat so it can damage other components such as LCD.

Use Original adapter and cable
Very important adapter is not recommended using 2 ampere adapter is charging more fast but has effect on battery, battery become wasteful and quickly drop because battery must work harder than initial design of adapter which only 1 ampere, so use original adapter or if using power bank search the 1 ampere. If the current cable many OEM cable that can be taken anywhere to backup and the price is cheaper than the Original, the difference may be durability and material but for its function to make charge or sync  I think is not a problem, but it is advisable to use the original let me add more confident .

Do not charge in the car

Use airplane mode to charge iPhone 2 times faster
Activate airplane mode and night mode while charging for faster charging and this can also extend battery life.

Do not use iPhone while Charging
When in charging do not use the iPhone to reply to sms, chat, phone and even play games. This will cause the battery to quickly overheat and use in the long term can cause the battery to quickly drop.

Do tips on saving your iPhone battery
For long use the battery has begun to feel extravagant you can use these tips to keep iPhone battery stay durable


iPhone X Price

iPhone X Price
Price of iPhone X each 12 months, iPhone users face the first-class choice whether to upgrade to the cutting-edge and best. Apple constantly produces state-of-the-art telephones that seem to be the result of careful statement of the elements and substances that have gone into making it. Apple has emerged as a pioneer in touchscreen and multi-touch person interface. at the same time as Apple continues to offer its customers with ever-evolving generation, this product additionally offers a highly stylish and characteristic-wealthy layout. From iPad to iPhone, users can get the most out of the sector with the aid of making an investment in Apple merchandise.

iPhone X Price

Be crushed with Apple's subsequent degree of innovation inside the shape of the iPhone X. not best are the smooth frames covered with all of the premium glass forums, the visible and sound effects are 2nd to none. overall performance-clever, the Bionic A11 processor one way or the other beat the iPhone 8 even though the latter uses the identical chipset. way to the bigger RAM and AI software enabled on iPhone X.

If security is your top priority, iOS 11 prevents an uncertain chance from malicious web sites or malicious software that prevent unauthorized access is a need to-have tool, in particular the ones operating in a security-sensitive environment. The wait is over, the choice is yours.

iPhone X Price

iPhone 8
whether or not you are the first iPhone client or someone searching out an upgrade from the preceding iPhone model, Apple brings a revolutionary phone equipped to blow your thoughts. The iPhone 8 is absolutely a sophisticated device this is ideal for serious work and additionally your entertainment wishes. that is one this is packed with beautiful functions and presentations to in shape; in unibody all glass with wi-fi charging functionality.


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Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
Designed with all the features you love, the Galaxy J7 Prime stays with your busy life. Do it all on a big 5.5 "screen With an 8MP camera, grab more details, even in low light Galaxy J7 is able to deliver optimum results so you can view and share crisp and bright photos With an in-built 16GB of built-in memory, You can store more than 4000 photos directly on your device, of course this is very interesting for that you must buy galaxy J7 as soon as possible:

Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

Galaxy J7

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017) rate and launch date

the new Samsung Galaxy J7 became just released on Verizon on March 23. This 2017 version of the J7 is known as the Galaxy J7 V (V for Verizon, glaringly). it's far promoting on Verizon's website for $240 now. dash is selling the Galaxy J7 (2017) under the name Galaxy J7 Prime. other carriers are anticipated to release the J7 (2017) device, as properly.

The brand new Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017) is expected to be released this 12 months as well, after its  earlier fashions had been so a hit, but no respectable date has been showed.
Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime

How to Check for Warranty iPhone X

How to Check for Warranty iPhone X and iPad with IMEI and Serial.
One of the most important things in buying an iPhone x or iPad is a matter of warranty. Of course you need the original and official x and iPad warranty in your country. To be sure you can check your iPhone / iPad warranty.

iPhone X

How to Check for Warranty iPhone X

In addition to the importance of knowing the authenticity of the warranty, checking the iPhone X / iPad warranty can also help you find out how long the rest of the warranty period applies. This is very important, especially if you want to claim a warranty or make sure the rest of the warranty period when buying an iPhone / iPad second.

To be able to know the original iPhone warranty or not, still valid or not, you can follow the guidance check the following iPhone / iPad warranty:
  1. Check online to the Apple Support site at Check Your Service and Support Coverage page.
  2. Enter your IMEI or iPhone or iPad serial number. You can find an IMEI or serial number within the iOS system via Settings> General> About.
  3. Do not forget to enter the code to verify that you are not a machine or a bot.
  4. Automated check by Apple will show your iPhone and iPad warranty such as authenticity of warranty, original product or not, rest of warranty, and so forth.


iPhone 11 Release Date

iPhone 11 Release Date
Apple iPhone 11 launch date: while Apple will release iPhone XI?

iPhone 11 Release Date

Apple has not been clearly against the trend of telling its main iPhone on the occasion of September. The launch of the iPhone 11 may be more special both. This means, coming in September 2018, we'll be looking to install a new iPhone 11 - or iPhone XI.

When viewing the iPhone X launch without a doubt in November, compared to September, it is unclear whether Apple will survive with the September launch such as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, or choose a November release like the iPhone X. It is unlikely we will see the October launch because meanwhile many different manufacturers are providing their handsets to the market. Let's wait Apple will easily do a plan that if it could be profitable for them and the iPhone consumers.

Apple iPhone 11 design: what would look like iPhone XI?

Apple is not one to change the aesthetics of his smartphone as much as that. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus seems to be almost the same as the iPhone 7, and the closing chances are also the iPhone 11 will be nearly identical to the iPhone X.

It shows all steel bodies with a lower down tumbler for Qi charging, as well as a side-to-aspect screen and vertical digicam association.

It's unlikely that the iPhone 11 will include a dual-digital camera setup, but the iPhone XI Plus will likely appear very similar to this year's high class.

How to Care for Battery iPhone X

How to Care for  Battery iPhone X

Battery iPhone X

As you know today the iPhone is the smartest phone. But often said to be wasteful battery, it was not due to product failure, usually this is due to the lack of care of the iPhone is in everyday use.
There are many things that can make the iPhone X wasteful battery, one of which is to activate the wireless network and often you download the application through your iPhone. A hardware can not be denied the limited durability. So it is with your iPhone smartphone. Battery life is the most important thing for any electronic product.


How to Care for  Battery iPhone X

There are some simple tips and tricks that can keep your iPhone X battery durable and long lasting.
  1. Do not let the iPhone use its wrapper during charging. Because the wrapping can make the phone too hot.
  2. Use Auto-Brightness feature or automatic lighting. By turning on this feature your iPhone X automatically adjusts the light according to the surrounding conditions. This can save battery life when your surroundings are bright.
  3. Turn off Wi-Fi. Turning off Wi-Fi can also affect battery performance, because if you turn on Wi-Fi then the iPhone will automatically continue to catch and search for signals. This is what will eventually cause the battery runs out quickly.
  4. Turn off Bluethoot when not in use. This Bluetooth feature is available under Settings >> General.
  5. Turn off the GPS service feature. This feature is usually only needed on the go, so it's good if you turn it off when not in use.
  6. Use Auto-Lock, because this little thing will save more battery. If you do not enable this feature then your iPhone will be in Standby condition and consuming battery.
  7. Get used to update your iPhone X with the latest software. Usually on the new software will include a number of battery saver features that you can use
  8. Turn off push notification feature This feature is very draining the battery on the iPhone. For some reason, app developers typically enable this feature. However, many are not. To disable it, go to Settings menu. Then Turn off push email iPhone not as sophisticated BlackBerry for push email business. iPhone X battery lasts only for two hours only if the feature is enabled. Open emails at certain times only. This is enough to help save the phone battery
  9. Then Turn off the background task Users should not do this, but now the iPhone with iOS 11 can already be used in multitasking so can easily find applications that take up a lot of batteries.
  10. Then Take a look at the game feedback Many games that take advantage of the vibration feature of the iPhone to simulate feedback, of course this will waste the phone battery. Just turn off the vibration feature.
  11. And Prepare a spare battery The battery in question is not just any battery like any other phone. Later, there are some iPhone X casing that also offers an external battery feature in it. But the price is quite expensive. This is the only option
  12. Sync your iPhone regularly While users do not install new apps, it's better to sync your iPhone with the latest firmware updates. That said, some Apple updates can also increase the phone battery power.
  13. Do not Play iPhone X While in Charge. ah this is very important thing never play iPhone X at the time in charge.
Similarly About My Tips About How to Take Care of iPhone X Battery to stay durable, may be useful and can help you in your favorite iPhone.

Pros and Cons of iPhone X

Pros and Cons of iPhone X

iPhone X
iPhone has issued a new series of iPhone X. Smartphone this one is classified as a flagship smartphone with the specification of the god rate. With an elegant look and gahar specifications, iPhone X becomes the greatest smartphone in its class. Just like the previous series, iPhone does have a fixed fan base where in the previous series alone ie iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 people are willing to wait long to be the first to get this smartphone.

With all the advantages possessed by this iPhone x, it's good we have to be more thorough again before buying it, know the price is super expensive also be one important factor to think about. Before we move to the advantages and disadvantages possessed by Iphone X, it helps us know the full specifications of the iPhone X itself. Here is a complete specification of iPhone X.

With detail list of specifications like that alone must have made you drool to buy it for sure. But wait a minute well, before you buy this one iPhone, you should first know the advantages and disadvantages. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of  iPhone X:

Pros and Cons of iPhone X


  1. The design is neatly wrapped in stainless steel + Glass, which makes the display so luxurious and elegant
  2. Supported fastest connectivity 4G LTE network that launched inter and download
  3. Supports Double SIM capabilities that can operate together, so no need to take turns SIM Card
  4. Disappati Certified IP68 Water prof that make it able to dive in water for 30 minutes, with a depth of 1.5 meters
  5. 5.8 inch LCD OLED display, 1125 x 2436 pixels pixels resolution, suitable for game and vide watching, with sharp & clear screen display
  6. Beautified with a 2.5 D Curved Arc touch that found the arch on both sides of the screen and use Full Displapy on the front of the smartphone
  7. Walking with iOS 11 operating system that presents the interface is very captivating and has responsive performance

Advanced Tips to Maximize Oppo F1s to be more resilient

Advanced Tips to Maximize Oppo F1s to be more resilient

The row of features and sophistication of an increasingly mobile phone seems to make some users are often not optimal when using it. In fact, the features provided can have a very useful function for everyday use of the user.

This time we will give tips to maximize Oppo F1s. Smartphone nicknamed 'Camera Phone' with a 16 megapixel front camera is not only good at selfie affairs, the features 'hidden' is available was apparently able to make it into a more practical device.

1. Take a screenshot with three finger

Oppo  F1 S
On Android smartphones in general, you have to press the Volume down and Power button simultaneously for 2 seconds to take a screenshot. Oppo F1s proved to have an easier way to do.

Thanks to the Gesture feature on its Color OS, you can take a screenshot just by touching the screen with three fingers, then shift it from top to bottom. To enable this feature, you can go to Settings -> Gesture & Motion -> Quick Gesture -> then activate Gesture Screenshot.

2. Camera with Double Exposure Oppo-f1 mode

From the results of our review some time ago, Oppo F1s does have a camera that can be relied upon for various conditions. But note, Oppo was also buried other interesting features on the camera, the Double Exposure mode.

When the Double Exposure mode is active, after taking a picture you will be prompted to take another picture. After that, the two images will be combined. To enable this mode, just go to the camera app.

Advanced Tips to Maximize Oppo F1s to be more resilient

3. Save battery with Simple Modeoppo-f1s

Simple Mode
Oppo F1s comes with Simple Mode which when enabled will make the user interface look very simple. Simple Mode will only feature some key features of the smartphone, such as calling, sending messages, opening Contacts, accessing photos, and Emergency Call.

Well, for those of you who often run out of battery in the middle of the road, this mode is very useful to save the power consumption of Oppo F1s, you know! In important circumstances when you need to call and send a message but battery power begins to thin, just activate Simple Mode.

4. Block unknown number blocking-number

Including people who are bothered by incoming phone calls from unknown numbers? If yes, then this feature will be very useful. Color OS on Oppo F1s provides an easy way to block unknown numbers.

The trick is to go to Settings -> Call -> enable Block Unknown Numbers. Once active, you will no longer receive calls from numbers that are not in your contact list.

5. Accessing apps from screen-add-gesture mattress conditions

As with some other Android smartphones, Oppo F1s is also equipped with Gesture feature that allows you to access certain applications quickly. For example, Double Tap to turn on the screen, draw the letter 'O' to enter the camera, draw the letter 'V' on the screen to turn on the flashlight, and so on.

This feature is very useful because it can be done directly in the smartphone is locked and the screen is turned off. That is, you do not need to bother to unlock, then look for the app you want. He cried again, you can add your own Gesture!

It's easy. Go to Settings -> Gesture & Motion -> Screen-off Gestrues -> then activate the one you want. If you want to add your own, hit Add a Screen-off Gesture.

6. Quiet Time mode if you do not want to be disturbed-silent condition

While at a very important meeting, notifications like message or incoming calls can distract you and make you look less professional. Surely the smartphone can be set in silent condition, but what if you still want to receive message only but do not want to receive a call or get a notification?

With Quiet Time feature, you can choose between Notification, Incoming Call, or message that you still want to receive. This feature can be activated automatically according to the time you specify. To enable Quiet Time, go to Settings -> Quiet Time.

7. Backup message and important contacts-cloud

Oppo provides a service called O-Cloud to facilitate backups of important things like message and Contacts. If anything happens with your Oppo F1s, via O-Cloud you can restore the data to the Oppo device you use next. The O-Cloud feature can be found in Settings.

iPhone X User Manual and PDF

iPhone X User Manual and PDF

iPhone X User Manual and PDF

- About iPhone
 - iPhone X
 - How to Use The iPhone X
 - iPhone X Specifications
 - Getting started
 - Basic
 - Setting iPhone
 - iPhone 11

iPhone X User Manual and PDF

iPhone X

The vision of Apple iPhone is always creating an iPhone that is entirely screen. That is so immersive the device itself vanishes into the experience. And so smart can respond to taps, your voice, and even a glance. With the iPhone X, that vision is now a reality. Say hello to the future.

iPhone 11 Rumors

iPhone 11 Rumors

What new iPhone will Apple release in 2018

We do not know how many new iPhone Apple might be launching in 2018.

It is viable that we should see successors to the iPhone eight, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X. Or we may additionally see the 2 telephone designs roll into one.

As an example, an up to date version of the iPhone X (iPhone XI, iPhone eleven, iPhone some thing-comes-after-X) can be joined by an iPhone X Plus - a bigger handset with a larger all-display screen display. those  new iPhone might be the successors to each the iPhone X and the iPhone eight and iPhone eight Plus - with the iPhone 6-era  layout, and the house button, being resigned to the scrap heap.
As a substitute, Apple should launch 3 new iPhone inside the autumn of 2018 (to enroll in the a brand new iPhone SE version launching in the Spring).

That is what KGI Securities' analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is anticipating. He believes that 3 new models will launch and that all 3 can have the same all-display screen design with the now familiar notch, as illustrated right here.

Apple hasn’t truely bucked the vogue of asserting its principal iPhones at its September event. The iPhone 11 release will be no exclusive either. This means, come September 2018, we’ll be looking at a brand-new iPhone 11 – or iPhone XI.

Seeing as the iPhone X launch is genuinely in November, as an alternative of September, it’s unclear if Apple will stick to a September launch like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, or decide for a November release like the iPhone X. It’s unlikely we’ll see an October release as that’s when many other producers offer up their handsets to market. 

iPhone 11 Rumors

Other rumors

Apple Insider reviews that Apple has developed a relationship with LG Innotek to create flexible circuit boards for the next iPhone. These flexible circuit boards, already used in some gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy, would enable Apple to create an iPhone with a curved display.

The next iPhone can also offer 5G technology, dramatically growing statistics speeds. Business Insider reviews that Apple applied with the FCC to start checking out a new wi-fi science known as millimeter wave. This science approves gadgets to get entry to more bandwidth than is presently viable on present cell networks.

iPhone 2018 will characteristic base band chips from Intel - as the principal supplier - and Qualcomm, 9to5Mac reports. They will also supposedly be pre-5G wireless chips, which must extend the iPhone from 2×2 MIMO - multiple-input multiple-output science - to 4×4 MIMO.

But the document also goes on to point out that Apple is working on building its personal base band chips instead, which would help to reduce the value of the iPhone. It will additionally minimize the reliance on Intel and Qualcomm.

Earlier this year we mentioned that Apple may additionally be creating a exceptional version of the Pencil for at least one mannequin of next year’s iPhone. While the Pencil debuted with the iPad Pro in 2015, the organisation has yet to make a Pencil that is well suited with the iPhone. If the subsequent iPhone does include a Pencil, it will region the telephone in direct opposition with Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8.

Price and release date

Although the iPhone X is Apple’s most high-priced phone, the enterprise may be focused on bringing down costs in 2018. A report from KGI securities states that Apple wishes to “reduce fees and promoting prices” earlier than the launch of the next iPhone.

Apple Insider is reporting that a 6.1-inch finances model iPhone with an LCD display will go on sale in 2018. This model will be priced properly below the iPhone X at $650-$750.