How to Maintain and Maintain Apple's iPhone Battery

How to Maintain and Maintain Apple's iPhone Battery

How to Maintain and Maintain Apple's iPhone Battery In order Not to Fast Damaged and Durable.
Still about the iPhone. Smartphone this one is being trending among the people around the world because the iPhone is known as a brand and design that is luxurious, premium, elegant and simple, including the size of the right fit and not too big and not too small. The iDevice device is also known for its toughness even though the iPhone has only a 1 GB Ram but with a best processor it can surpass the speed of Android with 3GB of ram. Among the advantages of the iPhone also has shortcomings especially the battery power of the iPhone quickly run out.

iPhone battery

Indeed, the iPhone battery has a power that is not too large eg with almost the same price iPhone 7 has a 1960 mAh battery while the Samsung S7 has 3600 mAh battery. with mAh only half of the iPhone feels really wasteful. How many times have you charged the iPhone? for the old users must answer more than 2 times for normal use only. But not forever iPhone batteries wasteful. this is also influenced from the use of the iPhone itself. Because the manufacturer specification is not it.

There are some tips on caring for and maintaining the iPhone battery remains in good health.
Do not leave the iPhone battery running low
For those of you iPhone users must know itself if the iPhone to run out of battery. To restart it takes a long time even for new users not infrequently they think that the iPhone is damaged or dead. Actually it's fair, in a 0 percent condition of the iPhone to charge up to 5-10 percent power first can not be turned back. But draining the battery up to 0 percent is strongly discouraged as it may damage the battery.
Do not charge the iPhone until it's too fullCharge the iPhone left to sleep, this error is usually done everybody. Too full is strongly discouraged. Because the iPhone does not have a stop charging feature where when the battery is 100 percent but still connected to the charger, the power will continue to fill until the  battery will be hot. This kind of continuous use can cause the battery to quickly drop and can bloat so it can damage other components such as LCD.

Use Original adapter and cable
Very important adapter is not recommended using 2 ampere adapter is charging more fast but has effect on battery, battery become wasteful and quickly drop because battery must work harder than initial design of adapter which only 1 ampere, so use original adapter or if using power bank search the 1 ampere. If the current cable many OEM cable that can be taken anywhere to backup and the price is cheaper than the Original, the difference may be durability and material but for its function to make charge or sync  I think is not a problem, but it is advisable to use the original let me add more confident .

Do not charge in the car

Use airplane mode to charge iPhone 2 times faster
Activate airplane mode and night mode while charging for faster charging and this can also extend battery life.

Do not use iPhone while Charging
When in charging do not use the iPhone to reply to sms, chat, phone and even play games. This will cause the battery to quickly overheat and use in the long term can cause the battery to quickly drop.

Do tips on saving your iPhone battery
For long use the battery has begun to feel extravagant you can use these tips to keep iPhone battery stay durable