How to Check for Warranty iPhone X

How to Check for Warranty iPhone X and iPad with IMEI and Serial.
One of the most important things in buying an iPhone x or iPad is a matter of warranty. Of course you need the original and official x and iPad warranty in your country. To be sure you can check your iPhone / iPad warranty.

iPhone X

How to Check for Warranty iPhone X

In addition to the importance of knowing the authenticity of the warranty, checking the iPhone X / iPad warranty can also help you find out how long the rest of the warranty period applies. This is very important, especially if you want to claim a warranty or make sure the rest of the warranty period when buying an iPhone / iPad second.

To be able to know the original iPhone warranty or not, still valid or not, you can follow the guidance check the following iPhone / iPad warranty:
  1. Check online to the Apple Support site at Check Your Service and Support Coverage page.
  2. Enter your IMEI or iPhone or iPad serial number. You can find an IMEI or serial number within the iOS system via Settings> General> About.
  3. Do not forget to enter the code to verify that you are not a machine or a bot.
  4. Automated check by Apple will show your iPhone and iPad warranty such as authenticity of warranty, original product or not, rest of warranty, and so forth.

It should be understood also one of the features if the original iPhone warranty is an IMEI number or Serial you successfully detected and recognized by Apple. In addition to being detected, you can also see full warranty information there.

Then check the remaining iPhone warranty period, check whether the iPhone is purchased with a valid way, the rest of the phone support period, and so forth. All you need is IMEI iPhone number or Serial number only.

Instead try it, hope how to check the warranty iPhone / iPad online useful and can help you all.