New Nokia 3310 Only Supports 3G Connectivity

New Nokia 3310 Only Supports 3G Connectivity

Nokia 3310
The rebirth of the Nokia 3310 is a welcoming addition in a globe that is trotting with smartphone users. Occasionally, we need a feature phone that will deliver the same basic functionality that we carry out on smartphones but get more battery life out of the device. With a few aesthetic and hardware upgrades, the 3310 is ready to set sail in markets later this year. However, before you become ecstatic to purchase it, you should know that the device does not feature a 3G or LTE modem, meaning that it only provides support for 2G connectivity.

To be fair, both Nokia and HMD Global wanted to market the extrapolated battery life of the 3310 and users will never be able to come close to experiencing that battery if a 3G modem had been a part of the hardware. Though the phone does support 2G frequencies, it is important to know if the device will be compatible with the network in your region, so let’s get started.

Which Frequencies Does the Nokia 3310 Officially Support?
New Nokia 3310 Only Supports 3G Connectivity
Nokia 3310 officially supports the 2G network running on the 900MHz and 1800MHz frequencies, which you would expect from a feature phone like this, but looking at how chipsets the size of pennies (yes, we are referring to the Snapdragon 835) can deliver Gigabit LTE speeds in mobile devices, carriers are shifting away from 2G. That being said, if you want to keep your hopes alive of using the new Nokia 3310, then you should be living in a region where carriers continue to support the 2G network.

US and Canada Network Support
We do not know what sort of strategy HMD Global and Nokia were planning, but it looks like users will not get widespread support for the 3310 in the US. Currently, there are two main 2G GSM service providers in the US, which are AT&T and T-Mobile. Unfortunately, neither of them support 3310-friendly frequencies; in fact, both of them are taking the necessary steps to ensure that the 2G network is not a part of their services any longer. While AT&T have gone through with that, T-Mobile will be shutting down its 2G division by 2020. Users living in Canada will also be out of luck because no carriers support the 900MHz and 1800MHz standards.

HMD Global and Nokia have not provided any update on whether a compatible Nokia 3310 variant will be released for the aforementioned countries but for now, it is best to avoid a purchase.
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