Advanced Tips to Maximize Oppo F1s to be more resilient

Advanced Tips to Maximize Oppo F1s to be more resilient

The row of features and sophistication of an increasingly mobile phone seems to make some users are often not optimal when using it. In fact, the features provided can have a very useful function for everyday use of the user.

This time we will give tips to maximize Oppo F1s. Smartphone nicknamed 'Camera Phone' with a 16 megapixel front camera is not only good at selfie affairs, the features 'hidden' is available was apparently able to make it into a more practical device.

1. Take a screenshot with three finger

Oppo  F1 S
On Android smartphones in general, you have to press the Volume down and Power button simultaneously for 2 seconds to take a screenshot. Oppo F1s proved to have an easier way to do.

Thanks to the Gesture feature on its Color OS, you can take a screenshot just by touching the screen with three fingers, then shift it from top to bottom. To enable this feature, you can go to Settings -> Gesture & Motion -> Quick Gesture -> then activate Gesture Screenshot.

2. Camera with Double Exposure Oppo-f1 mode

From the results of our review some time ago, Oppo F1s does have a camera that can be relied upon for various conditions. But note, Oppo was also buried other interesting features on the camera, the Double Exposure mode.

When the Double Exposure mode is active, after taking a picture you will be prompted to take another picture. After that, the two images will be combined. To enable this mode, just go to the camera app.

Advanced Tips to Maximize Oppo F1s to be more resilient

3. Save battery with Simple Modeoppo-f1s

Simple Mode
Oppo F1s comes with Simple Mode which when enabled will make the user interface look very simple. Simple Mode will only feature some key features of the smartphone, such as calling, sending messages, opening Contacts, accessing photos, and Emergency Call.

Well, for those of you who often run out of battery in the middle of the road, this mode is very useful to save the power consumption of Oppo F1s, you know! In important circumstances when you need to call and send a message but battery power begins to thin, just activate Simple Mode.

4. Block unknown number blocking-number

Including people who are bothered by incoming phone calls from unknown numbers? If yes, then this feature will be very useful. Color OS on Oppo F1s provides an easy way to block unknown numbers.

The trick is to go to Settings -> Call -> enable Block Unknown Numbers. Once active, you will no longer receive calls from numbers that are not in your contact list.

5. Accessing apps from screen-add-gesture mattress conditions

As with some other Android smartphones, Oppo F1s is also equipped with Gesture feature that allows you to access certain applications quickly. For example, Double Tap to turn on the screen, draw the letter 'O' to enter the camera, draw the letter 'V' on the screen to turn on the flashlight, and so on.

This feature is very useful because it can be done directly in the smartphone is locked and the screen is turned off. That is, you do not need to bother to unlock, then look for the app you want. He cried again, you can add your own Gesture!

It's easy. Go to Settings -> Gesture & Motion -> Screen-off Gestrues -> then activate the one you want. If you want to add your own, hit Add a Screen-off Gesture.

6. Quiet Time mode if you do not want to be disturbed-silent condition

While at a very important meeting, notifications like message or incoming calls can distract you and make you look less professional. Surely the smartphone can be set in silent condition, but what if you still want to receive message only but do not want to receive a call or get a notification?

With Quiet Time feature, you can choose between Notification, Incoming Call, or message that you still want to receive. This feature can be activated automatically according to the time you specify. To enable Quiet Time, go to Settings -> Quiet Time.

7. Backup message and important contacts-cloud

Oppo provides a service called O-Cloud to facilitate backups of important things like message and Contacts. If anything happens with your Oppo F1s, via O-Cloud you can restore the data to the Oppo device you use next. The O-Cloud feature can be found in Settings.