iPhone 11 Release Date

iPhone 11 Release Date
Apple iPhone 11 launch date: while Apple will release iPhone XI?

iPhone 11 Release Date

Apple has not been clearly against the trend of telling its main iPhone on the occasion of September. The launch of the iPhone 11 may be more special both. This means, coming in September 2018, we'll be looking to install a new iPhone 11 - or iPhone XI.

When viewing the iPhone X launch without a doubt in November, compared to September, it is unclear whether Apple will survive with the September launch such as iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, or choose a November release like the iPhone X. It is unlikely we will see the October launch because meanwhile many different manufacturers are providing their handsets to the market. Let's wait Apple will easily do a plan that if it could be profitable for them and the iPhone consumers.

Apple iPhone 11 design: what would look like iPhone XI?

Apple is not one to change the aesthetics of his smartphone as much as that. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus seems to be almost the same as the iPhone 7, and the closing chances are also the iPhone 11 will be nearly identical to the iPhone X.

It shows all steel bodies with a lower down tumbler for Qi charging, as well as a side-to-aspect screen and vertical digicam association.

It's unlikely that the iPhone 11 will include a dual-digital camera setup, but the iPhone XI Plus will likely appear very similar to this year's high class.