This explanation is Accessories Galaxy Note7

 Back: Tap to return to the previous screen, or toclose a dialog box, menu, or keyboard.

Galaxy Note 7

  • Earpiece: Listen to a call.
  • Edge Screen: Provides quick access to frequently used apps, alerts, notifications, and device functionality all with the swipe of a thumb.
  • Front Camera Galaxy note7: Take self-portraits and record videos of yourself.
  • Headset Jack Galaxy note 7: Connect an optional headset (not included).
  • Home/Finger Scanner: Tap to return to the Home screen. Activate the Fingerprint security feature.
  • Proximity and Gesture Sensors: Detects the presence of objects near the device. Recent Apps: Tap to display recent apps or touch and hold for home screen options.
  • Power/Lock Key: Press and hold to turn the device on or off. Press to lock or wake up the screen. Press and hold to turn the device off or restart it, or for quick access to Airplane Mode, Emergency Mode, and to Mute, Vibrate, and Sound modes.
  • Status Light: Displays red when charging or the battery is low, blue when a notification has arrived or you are voice recording, and green when fully charged.
  • Volume Key Galaxy note 7: Press to adjust the volume of your device’s sounds and audio. Rear Camera: Take pictures and record videos.
  • Flash: Illuminate subjects in low-light environments when taking a photo or recording video.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: When using the S Health app, this sensor measures your heart rate via your fingertip.
  • Infrared Transmitter: Controls external devices using infrared light.
  • Microphone: Records audio and Galaxy note7 detects voice commands.
  • S Pen: Holder for the S Pen stylus.
  • Speaker: Plays music, and other sounds.
  • USB/Charger Port: Connect the Charger/USB cable (included), and other optional accessories (not included).