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Friday, September 2, 2016

Settings Account Samsung Galaxy Note7

How to Create a Gmail Account New Samsung Galaxy Note7 - To be able to take advantage of features available on the Samsung Galaxy Note7, we are required to have, and sign in using the Gmail account (Google Mail) because the account also act as "account Android".
Creat New Account
At Google Play Store for example, where we are required to sign in your Gmail account on the Samsung Galaxy Note7 in order to download applications contained therein. But, what if we do not have? Yes ye shall be forced to make in advance, because this account is really very important and not just for business application downloads only.

Well, for those of you who may not understand how, you must read this post until the end because here www.tutorialmanual.com will give a brief tutorial to create a new Google email. And here are the steps that you can follow:
  •  Open the Gmail app on Samsung Galaxy Note7. If you really do not do a sign-in on the Samsung Galaxy Note7 you use, then you will immediately jump to step number 4. However, if you have to sign-in and want to create a new Gmail, then this application will open the inbox from email you. Click on the icon of three lines that are piled up on the left side of the screen, as seen in the picture below.


hen the application will display the options menu, find and click the Settings menu or settings.
  • It would appear the general setting options (General Settings) and also the list of the Google account you use on Samsung Galaxy Note7 you use. Select Add account.

add Acount
  • There will appear a menu Set up email. Select Google, and then click Next.

set up
  • You can add the Google account you have. But, because here we will create a new one, then you must select Create a new account (create new account) as shown in the figure below.

creat new acount

  • The application will display a menu of new account registration. In the first step (in the figure below) you will be prompted to enter your first name and your last. Remember, enter your name, yes, do not enter the name of your ex-girlfriend, so that you do not fail to move on. After that, click Next (Next)

Then, you are asked to enter the username of email would you make. This username will also be your email address, for example, if the username is you fill with "tutorialmanual", then your email address will be "tutorialmanual@gmail.com". I understand? Okay, please fill in and click Next.
  • Now, enter a password to protect your email account will be created. Be sure to create a password that is difficult for others to guess so as not easily broken, but also make sure that it is easy to remember by your own to avoid forgetting the password. If so, click Next. 
  • After that, you will be prompted to enter the phone number you have. The optional alias actually be done, is optional. But it would be safer if you fill up phone numbers on this step because it will be helpful if you forget the password

Make sure you enter the correct country code ( select ID), as shown in the image above, and then enter the number hand phone, and click Next. But if you do not want to enter your numbers handphone, you can click the menu Skip to continue.
  • If you enter a number handphone, it will display a popup menu that will show you the number you entered earlier. Check back, and if you are sure, click Verify (Verify) to continue, then Google will send you an SMS containing a code to verify that the numbers that you enter a valid one.

Enter the code sent via SMS on the form Gmail account creation. But, if it turns out that you enter the phone number that you're using on the same device (with the medium you used to sign up for Gmail), then the verification will be done automatically, and the application will proceed to the next step.
  • Almost done! Now you will be asked to agree to the terms and policies that must be followed to be able to continue to use the service of Gmail. You may click on to read it first, or you can just click the I Agree (I Agree).
  • Then, the application will display the email addresses you've entered earlier to confirm. There notified that the account you will be able to use for various services from Google, including Google Play Store, Youtube, Google Maps, Drive, etc. Click Next to

  • The last step, you will be offered if you want to receive the latest news updates from Google and also offers from Google Play Store. Click Next, and email plus applications will register the data you've entered earlier to enable the new Gmail account you want to
Done! Now you have successfully created a new Gmail email account. Long enough anyway, but not too hard, right? You need to know that it is very important to our users with OS Android gadget to have and to remember his Gmail account. Because, as already tutorialmanua.com expressed at the outset, this account serves as an "Android account" so that we can take advantage of existing features, including a feature to track if it turns out your Samsung Galaxy Note7 lost.

That is, if you do not already have this account, then you will not be able to utilize some of its features include an extremely important above. Okay, maybe that's all that can be tutorialmanua.com given in this post.
You can explore www.tutorialmanual.com to find a variety of other interesting information including the matter of news, tips, and reviews on the latest gadgets. May be useful


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