Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Guide

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 User Guide

Tips to maximize the s-pen galaxy note9

The following tips and tricks to maximize the use of S-Pen on Galaxy Note9:

Quickly Record

Galaxy Note9 comes with a feature called Screen-off Memo. You can write with S-Pen without having to turn on the screen and unlock it first. This feature is useful for those of you who need to write notes quickly. Even in Note9, you can write up to 100 pages (by pressing the down arrow button to change pages) in this mode.

How: Make sure this feature is active. Enter Settings -> Advanced Features -> S-Pen -> Screen-off Memo. Once activated, when the screen is turned off simply remove the S-Pen from 'his home', and you can immediately start scribbling.

Make a Live Message

Galaxy Note9 now has new features that have never existed in the previous Note series, Live Message. As the name implies, you can send a GIF format message that displays your process when writing or making any scribbles with S-Pen. As a result, writing is more attractive than ordinary handwriting.

How: go to the Air Command menu (appears automatically when removing S-Pen), then select Live Message. You can also choose the writing style, color, and thickness through the settings on the left side.

Translating Foreign Languages

Another interesting feature is the translate feature, you can easily translate text using S-Pen, you can translate words from foreign languages that appear on the Galaxy Note9 screen. Not only text, Note9 can also translate text on images.

How to use it: in the Air Command menu, choose Translate. After that, point S-Pen to the word or sentence you want to translate.4. Activating the 'Magnifying Glass' Function

The S-Pen on the Galaxy Note9 is equipped with a magnifying function, aka a magnifying glass. This feature will be ideal for use when you want to see text or certain small content on the screen. So with this feature, you no longer need to make a pinch-zoom gesture on the screen, the magnification feature can reach 300%.

How: In Air Command, choose Magnify. If it's not there, try pressing icon + (add it), then select Magnify to appear in the Air Command list. If it is active, you only need to direct the S-Pen to the part you want to zoom. You can also adjust the zoom size as needed.

Selectively Take Pictures on the Screen

Usually taking screenshots on a smartphone means taking pictures of what is displayed on the screen as a whole. With Smart Select, you can take pictures or record screens as desired. So if on another cellphone you have to record one screen, in Note9 you can capture only one part of the page.

For example when reading a news article, you can take an image recording only the first paragraph and not the entire page. Then the pieces can be shared with others.

How: In Air Command, select Smart Select. Choose tools between Rectangle, Lasso, or Oval. After that, use the S-Pen to determine which part you want to take.

You can also record anything on the screen to be a file in GIF format. In fact, you can also capture videos that are played on the screen for later GIF animation.

How: go to Smart Select, then select Tools Animation. Use S-Pen to determine which part you want to make GIF. You can also adjust the quality of the 'recordings' between Stamamd and High.

S-Pen instead of keyboard

When you are using the S-Pen and must reply to the incoming message, you can use the S-Pen as a writing tool to replace the virtual keyboard.

How: select the Pen icon on the keyboard, then write whatever you want to say.

Alarms so as not to lose S-Pen

If you are someone who is forgetful, then you must activate this feature. Because when active, the alarm will automatically sound to confirm that the S-Pen position is far enough from the Galaxy Note9. With this feature, users are expected to rarely lose S-Pen.

How to activate it: go to Settings -> Advanced Features -> S-Pen -> S-Pen Alerts.

Make new Notes quickly

You can directly create a new note sheet without having to bother looking for the application.

How: Press and hold the button on the S-Pen then touch the screen twice to open a new note.

 Set the Air Command function

Don't like the Air Command icon arrangement? You can manage any applications and functions in Air Command.

How: Enter Settings - Advanced Features - S-Pen - Shortcuts. Press the minus button on the right to remove the application from the Air Command and press the icon on the left to add the desired application.

More Creative with S-Pen
More creative with S-Pen

In addition to the above features, you can also use S-Pen to draw. Drawing using S-Pen is very easy, because of the added features such as using brushes, attractive color choices, better pen precision.

Use S-Pen to draw sketches or take the time to create a masterpiece. Bring all your ideas to life with a choice of brushes, pens and colored pencils on Samsung Note.
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