How to Install Tempered Glass iPhone XS and XS Max

How to Install Tempered Glass iPhone XS

Today's smartphones are sophisticated and very easy for people to do their activities. Although sophisticated Smartphone is now claimed to be not as strong as smartphone in earlier times. Especially in the LCD glass section. For this reason, many people add tempered glass to their respective gadgets. Although made from glass, tempered glass can protect the glass of the gadget. And if your cellphone falls and breaks, only the tempered glass breaks and it won't break the LCD.

Installing tempered glass is also easy and difficult. Only requires patience and thoroughness. For those of you who have often installed tempered glass is definitely not a difficult thing to do. But for those who have never installed it, they will certainly experience difficulties. For this time Unicase Store will share a few tips on how to install tempered glass on its own.


How to Install Tempered Glass iPhone XS and XS Max

1. Prepare the Tool

Before you open the iPhone XS tempered glass seal make sure you have prepared the equipment. All you need is scissors and masking tape. Scissors are useful for removing seals and stickers in tempered glass. While you can use masking tape to remove dust.

2. Clean the Screen with Alcohol

After you take out the contents in the box tempered glass, the first thing you have to do is clean the iPhone XS screen by using the alcohol that is already on the packaging and dry it with fibercloth. Then remove dust with a sticker that is also available in the package.

3. Install Tempered Glass

When installing tempered glass make sure there is no dust on the cellphone screen. Because later it will damage the beauty of the screen. Also, don't be too hasty, make sure the right and left sides are the same / not tilted. After that, paste the tempered glass carefully. Once installed, rub the screen with fibercloth to remove the remaining bubbles.

If there is still dust, stick to the lift by squeeze the edge of the screen to remove the dust then using the help of the dust lifting tape until it is gone. Don't use nails, because it will damage the glue on the tempered glass.

This is an easy way to install your own iPhone XS tempered glass.