iPhone 2019 Rumors

iPhone 2019 Rumors

Apple is reportedly trying to release the iPhone in 2019 without the notch feature. According to reports, the absence of the notch on the iPhone will make the smartphone appear with a more ordinary design.
iPhone 2019
iPhone 2019 Rumors. Apple is currently reported to be discussing with its partners so that the latest iPhone next year can be present without a notch. Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information about this Apple plan.

"Apple decided to eliminate notch for next year and has already begun discussing various technical matters with its supply partners," said a source whose identity asked to be kept confidential.

If Apple eliminates notch next year, the company only uses the fairly controversial technology for two years.

The decision is considered to be questionable, considering that Apple has invested a lot of things including the financial and research side to present the notch on the iPhone X last year.

So far, Apple has not issued a statement about the iPhone for next year. As is known, the company from Uncle Sam's country is known to maintain internal secrets and executives are reluctant to comment on rumors.

Apart from the iPhone 2019 report, the iPhone X which was released last year is still taking a lot of attention to date. According to various reports, Apple plans to cut production of its newest flagship smartphone. Analysts also think so.

JP Morgan analyst Narci Chang cut the estimated production of the Apple premium smartphone. Chang cut the prediction of iPhone X production throughout the first semester of 2018.

Chang now estimates that Apple will produce 15 million units of iPhone X in the first quarter, 25 percent lower than the initial prediction. For the second quarter, he lowered his estimate by 44 percent with 10 million units of the iPhone X expected to slide on the assembly line. Initially, Chan estimated that there would be 18 million units of the iPhone X produced during April-June 2018.

The iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone Apple has sold in the last 10 years. The selling price starts at US $ 999.

iPhone 2019 Rumors

Just like a number of other Apple smartphones, the iPhone X managed to get great attention. In addition to specifications and design, other factors have boosted its popularity because it is also a form of Apple's 10-year celebration in the smartphone market.

iPhone 2019 Rumors, this year the iPhone will release its newest product regarding specifications and brands we cannot explain because from Apple itself has not talked about leaking a little about this new product this year.