How to Install Tempered Glass iPhone 11

How to Install Tempered Glass on the iPhone 11

With current technological advances making it easier for smartphone users in anything, but sometimes in extreme circumstances force users to protect the smartphone screen with a strong layer. Like the iPhone, even though it has a screen quality that can be said to be very powerful because using selected materials still requires more protection.

iPhone 11
At present several Accessories Companies have been selling Tempered Glass which is a very strong material that is using thick glass that can withstand impact and scratches. although made of glass the shape is very thin like a scratch-resistant screen protector in general.

Tempered glass screen protector iphone 11

But there are still many iPhone 11 users who cannot install Tempered Glass themselves, because indeed installing Tempered Glass requires high accuracy and patience. for those of you who are used to installing Tempered Glass, of course, it is no longer a problem, but what if this is done by a user who is doing it for the first time. For those of you who need a correct way or technique for installing Tempered Glass on an iPhone, you can see the tutorial below, which is quoted in part from the page. Before installing Tempered Glass on iPhone 11, it is recommended to prepare everything as follows:

How to Install Tempered Glass on the iPhone 11

1. Prepare the tool

The most important and important thing is to prepare the equipment before you open the Tempered Glass seal. Some of the tools needed are only a few scissors and solatips. Scissors are used to open the seal and also the sticker that is on the tempered glass while solatip itself has a purpose to remove dust

2. Cleaning the Screen Using Alcohol

If you have removed the tempered glass from the container then all you have to do is clean the  iPhone 11 screen using alcohol then you dry it using fibercloth. Next, please clean the dust using the sticker provided in the package.

3. Install the Tempered Glass

What you should pay attention to and the most important thing is when installing your tempered glass make sure that there is no dust on the iPhone 11 screen. because if not the results will not be perfect, make sure also not tilted right-top or bottom-left. Only then do you carefully place the temepred glass. after installing, clean the screen by rubbing using fibercloth as a remover of bubbles remaining air during installation.

If there is still dust attached, you can lift using the squeeze edge of the screen to pick up the dust and then paste it on the solution to remove the dust. Do not use nails, because they can damage the glue on the tempered glass.