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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Nokia 3310 User Manual

Nokia 3310 User Manual
We've observed how the exciting buzz of life surrounds you at work or at play. Every minute is vibrant and every day is an adventure.
But no matter what you may be doing, we've seen that there are always opportunities for you to have a bit of fun.
That's why you need a companion that shares your outlook in life. A companion that is witty, energetic and allows you to plunge into all the diversity and excitement that life offers. After all, life is all about enjoying moments. Pulling the result of our observations together gave us the new Nokia 3310. This fully featured model is the evidence of your uniqueness. You can personalise it with different ring tones, profiles, screensavers and changeable Xpress-on™ colour covers*. Voice dialling also makes it more convenient to reach your friends by just pressing a
button and using your voice.
To help you stay constantly in touch with your family, friends and colleagues, there's the new and exciting SMS Chat feature. Chatting with someone has never been easier or more fun!
With the new Nokia 3310, you'll be able to take the opportunity to have a bit of fun whatever you may be doing. You may call it having fun staying in touch. At Nokia, we just call it
Nokia 3310

Your Nokia menu map

Let us help you learn about your new Nokia 3310 User Manual. The menu map you see on the next two pages will take you through the main menu functions in the order that they appear on your phone. We've included visuals of the 12 menu functions and they are numbered 1 - 12 so you can see the sequence at a glance. And right next to each menu function screen we've listed the special features in your Nokia phone, also in order of appearance so they'll be easy to find

1. Phone book
Nokia 3310 User Manual
  1.   Search 
  2. Service Nos. 
  3. Add name 
  4. Erase
  5. Edit
  6.  Assign tone
  7.  Send b'card
  8.  Options
  9. Speed dials 
  10. Voice tags 

  1. Type of view
  2. Memory status    

2. Messages

  1. Write messages 
  2. Inbox 
  3. Outbox 
  4. Picture messages 
  5. Templates 
  6. Smileys 
  7. Message settings

  1. Set 1
  2. Message centre number
  3. Messages sent as
  4. Message validity

2. Common

1. Delivery reports

2. Reply via same centre

3. Character support

  1.  Automatic redial
    • Call settings
    • Speed dialling
    • Call waiting options
    • Own number sending
    • Phone line in use
    • Automatic answer

      DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We, NOKIA MOBILE PHONES Ltd declare under our sole responsibility that the product NHM-5NX is in conformity with the provisions of the following Council

      Directive: 1999/5/EC.

      ©Nokia Mobile Phones 2017. All rights reserved. Copyright

      Reproduction, transfer, distribution or storage of part or all of the contents in this documentin any form without the prior written permission of Nokia is prohibited.

      US Patent No 5818437 and other pending patents. T9 text input software Copyright (C) 1997-2000. Tegic Communications, Inc. All rights reserved.

      Nokia is a registered trademark of Nokia Corporation. Other product and company names mentioned herein may be trademarks or tradenames of their respective owners.

      Navi and Nokia Xpress-on are trademarks of Nokia Mobile Phones. Nokia tune is a trademark of Nokia Corporation.
      Nokia 3310 operates a policy of continuous development. Nokia reserves the right to make changes and improvements to any of the products described in this document without prior notice. Under no circumstances shall Nokia be responsible for any loss of data or income or any special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages howsoever caused.
      The contents of this document are provided "as is". Except as required by applicable law, no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are made in relation to the accuracy, reliability or contents of this document. Nokia reserves the right to revise this document or withdraw it at any time without prior notice.
      The availability of particular accessories may vary by region. Please check with the Nokia dealer nearest to you. Please dispose of batteries properly

      Nokia 3310 User Manual: General Information; Stickers On The Sales Package; Network Services; Accessories And Batteries
      General information Stickers on the sales package
      The stickers contain important information for service and customer support purposes. Keep these stickers in a safe and secure place. Attach the sticker to detail page of this owner's guide.

      Network services

      The wireless phone described in this guide is approved for use on the GSM 900 and GSM 1800 networks. Note that dual band functionality is a network dependent feature. Check with your local operator if you can subscribe to and use this functionality.

      Nokia 3310 User Manual pdf
      A number of features included in this guide are called Network Services. They are special services provided by wireless service providers. Before you can take advantage of any of these Network Services, you must subscribe to these service(s) from your home service provider and obtain instructions for their use.
      Accessories and batteries

      This apparatus is intended for use when supplied with power from ACP- 7, ACP-8, LCH-9, and DCV-10. Other usage will invalidate any approval given to this apparatus and may be dangerous.

      Warning! Use only batteries,
      chargers and accessories approved by the phone manufacturer for use with this particular phone model. The use of any other types will invalidate any approval or warranty applying to the phone, and may be dangerous.

      For availability of approved accessories, please check with your dealer.

      When you disconnect the power cord of any accessory, grasp and pull the plug, not the cord.



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