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Monday, March 6, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 New Product At MWC 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 New Product At MWC 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8
Latterly, the rumors have been circulated on web portals that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will allegedly come with 6GB RAM and 256 GB of built-in memory. However, the withdrawal of Galaxy Note 7 from the market forced the company to review and reconsider their plans on the winter flagship phone.

As a result, certain insiders have revealed Galaxy S8 is to boast 8 GB RAM – notably, of Samsung’s own making. The chipsets will be designed by the energy-efficient 10 nm technical process. Besides, S8 is expected to arrive with a UFS 2.1 internal storage.

Other tech specs remain a behind-veil mystery yet. Different sources cite controversial features, failing to agree even upon the display size. Some believe we’re to receive a fairly compact 5.1 smartphone. Other sources argue the phone’s dimensions will reach 5.7, or even 6.1 inches. The availability of Galaxy S8’s second version with the Plus suffix and a double camera isn’t excluded as improbable either. The phone’s performance level will be ensured by either Exynos 8895 or Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 (the Chinese and American markets are to get different chipsets). The out-of-box S8 will boast the pre-installed Android 7.0 OS and Samsung’s native Experience UI.

All Samsung fans hope to see the new flagship at the MWC 2017 exhibition in late February. However, rumors about the new supposed announcement date have leaked into the web. Certain sources state the device’s to be presented at a special event in New-York in April. Nevertheless, the exact date isn’t revealed. Samsung Galaxy S8 New Product At MWC 2017

Besides, the Goldman Sachs agency is sure the range of modifications in Galaxy S8 will result in a 15-20 percent surge in the smartphone’s cost in comparison with Galaxy S7. This implies a proportionate increase in the retail price, to which customers may respond negatively, especially given the attractive offers of Chinese manufacturers. So far, it’s not possible to confirms or disprove the received information, so let us wait for new leaks
Many fans of fresh mobile devices are looking forward to February of the new year, when many renown manufacturers will present their top-of-the-line smartphones. Unfortunately, both Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi Mi6 may be announced much later than scheduled, due to an issue with the supply of chipsets. Worth recalling, Xiaomi Mi6 was expected on February 14, and Galaxy S8 on February 27, Samsung Galaxy S8 New Product At MWC 2017.

Galaxy S8 And Xiaomi Mi6 May Be Delayed Due To Shortage Of A Key Component

The problem-causing chipset is the flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 developed by Samsung’s 10-nm technology. In other words, the component’s supplier is Samsung Foundry. According to Kevin Wong, an analyst, the shortage of chipsets will cause Galaxy S8 to appear in April 2017 at the earliest, while Xiaomi Mi6 will debut in Q2 2017.

Another flagship with a derailed release date is Meizu MX7 on the chipset MediaTek Helio X30. Rumors have it, the Taiwanese manufacturer’s 10-nm chipset is also produced with a considerable delay, since the main supplier (TSMC) is currently occupied with manufacturing Apple’s A10X and A11. Preliminary estimates of the MX7 release date delay are 4 to 5 months.

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